• Warehouse Management and  Process Logistics Management Platform

    Warehouse Management and Process Logistics Management Platform

    NeoSpace Warehouse Management System is the software, designed to support and optimize stock and distribution process.

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  • Multi-lingual E-commerce Solutions

    Multi-lingual E-commerce Solutions

    We have executed and rolled out Live Multilingual Ecommerce sites for Le Creuset and Honeybaked Ham

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  • Multi-currency Credit Card Gateway

    Multi-currency Credit Card Gateway

    We built a credit card gateway Module for Prestashop with 21 Currencies for use in stores across Japan

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  • QR-Code Generation and Ticketing

    QR-Code Generation

    We rolled out a fully ramped QR Generation Ticketing system and Designer QR Generator for Warrior Dash

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  • Business Analytics and Social Dashboards

    Business Analytics

    Business and Social Data Analytics Dashboards with highly Intelligent Visualisations to affect companies bottom lines

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  • Asset Tracking

    Asset Tracking

    We have built custom Asset tracking systems for over 40,000 assets and merged this with our WMS to trace Packages in Real Time

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  • Airbnb style Booking Systems

    Airbnb style Booking Systems

    Airbnb style systems are ready to be integrated into your current website or built from scratch

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